Cancellation & Refund Policy

Ramthamedia Cancellation & Refund Policy

Please be sure to review your needs, before purchase our books,e-books, or find a product that you have received from us unsatisfactory, we expect you to be able to tell us why), and of course we never refund your payment because books were only readable products, once read them it is hardly to prove for usage of book.

However where we consider that an order has been made in a way which is not entirely honest (as happens from time to time), we further reserve the right to make an administration charge (below).

In all case’s where a refund is offered we reserve the right to demand the return of the supplied product at your own expense if it is a physical product & Printed Books. We reserve the right to offer a suitable alternative or to provide a refund at our discretion.

When we offer a refund we further reserve the right to make an administration

charge that will never exceed 30% of the order value and will never be less than

15% of the order value. Refund will be for only for physical delivery (printed books material through courier), not for electronic ebooks, which readable  in pdf format files..

We aim to provide useful products and services within the bounds of what is

possible. Please DO NOT place duplicate orders online: if you are having trouble receiving an order, please contact us immediately.


Secure payments

All payments will be made through internationally secure arrangements provided by CC Avenue payment gateway system within industry accepted secure environments and with adequate facility to cancel payment or to make contact with us for clarification through the e-mail address published below.

We acknowledge the Intellectual property rights of third party sites that may be linked from the above mentioned web sites.


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