Softwares Free Download

Softwares Free Download

Softwares Free Download

Declaration : we are not spreading any piracy softwares ,This software Collection are  freeware/shareware software only.

1. First step Download Zip,Unzip software, and install it, than download other softwares. it is useful for any unzip for any files or softwares. Every Computer User must have this softwares.

Click the link for download.  peazip-4.6.1.WINDOWS

1) Video Editing Sofware. Click the link for download. NCH Audio , Video Editing. 

2)  To Cut, Trim & convert any Video down load the.  AVC  Any Video Converter Software. Click the link. AVC  Any Video Converter  windows 7 OS version.

AVC  Any Video Converter Software. Click the link. AVC  Any Video Converter  windows XP os  version.

3) Video Editing Software. Click the link for download. Avidmux 

4) Free Audio Editing Software. Click the link for download.    Audacity 2.0.3

5) a) Free Youtube Video Down loader. Click the link for download.  Free Youtube Video Down loader

b)Free Youtube Video Downloader. Click the link for download.  YTD downloader

c) Free Youtube Video Downloader . Click the link for download. FVD Downloader

6)  Video Player Software.   Click the link for download    VLC Media Player

7) Adobe Flash Player . Click the link for download. Adobe Flash Player

8) Adobe Acrobat Reader  .  Click the link for download. Adobe Reader download

9) Convert to PDF Files . Click the link for download. Foxit Reader

10) Captcha work codes .  Click the link for download. Captcha Codes

11) CCleaner . Click the link for download. Cleaner Download

12) TeamViewer 10. .Click the link for download.   TeamViewer Download .

12) utorrent for any toreent files download . Click the link for download. utorrent download.

13) Skype . Click the link for download. Skype

14) File zilla   Click the link for download.  File zilla 

15) Google talk  . Click the link for download. Google talk-download

16) Baraha Telugu & All Indian Laguages Typing Software.Click the link for download. Baraha

17) Nero CD,DVD Writer software. Click the link for download. Nero CD,DVD Writer software download.